Roderick Aichinger - Photography New York Photographer
12 -  based in new york city

08 - 12  based in hamburg, germany

06 - 08  based in munich, germany

02 - 06    munich school of photography
freelance assistant

95 - 01  eth zurich
department of architecture

born in baden, switzerland
scottish - austrian 

I was born in Switzerland and raised in a small village next to the Rhine. In first grade I took a photography class at school because I had a crush on one of the girls in the course. What lasted was my passion for photography. Soon I had my own darkroom and a very fancy 35mm Rolleiflex which my dad gave me for christmas. At the time I had no idea that I could pursue a career in photography. The only photographers I ever saw, were the ones taking pictures at weddings on Sunday in front of the village church. Only later when I was studying architecture in the 'big' city, I learned of the possibilities in photography. I moved to Munich and studied at the allegedly oldest school of photography in the world. Numerous winding paths eventually led me to New York. 

New York, NY
+1 347 513 8999



associate member of 
Nansen & Piccard

I am seeking representation in NYC
& I'm looking for stylist to collaborate on projects.

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I don't have to sell my soul, 
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